The definition of sewing is to join, fasten, repair and mend. I added this word to my concept in a literal and metaphorical sense. I chose to show my personal emotions and how I mend myself. When I am going through hard or difficult periods, I deal with them internally. I view it as mentally sewing myself back together, slowly putting all the pieces in place. So for this body of work that's what I did. I ripped up photos of myself and sewed them back together to show that internal process I go through. Using studio lights I was able to shoot indoor in my home. I chose to shoot myself in scenes of settings of comfort and places that I tend to isolate myself towards when I am mending myself. I used overlays to add a sense of chaos into certain ones to represent the chaos that is going on inside my head. Each photo is at a different state of completion as a way of representing going through different phases of healing and how some wounds never truly heal completely.

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