Little Picture

This series focus on how many people ignore the little details of the grand landscape. How all of the parts that make of the elaborate panorama are often and ignored and under appreciated. We stand at the grand view taking it all in and its majesty that we forget to slow down and also take in the smaller parts that created it all. This piece takes one of the little details found amongst what is often focused on and makes it the focused subject matter. One is not better than the other but equal in value and importance.


Day of Peace

Growing up in Tennessee on a cow farm you could say that experience made me very comfortable around animals. I haven’t been around “large” animals and a while but I will take any opportunity I can get. My friend Racheal gave me that opportunity. Even though it was just a few hours we spent it amongst some amazing horses, dogs, and of course barn cats.

New Series - Fort Worth

Using my 35mm camera I captured this series that focused on the isolation I felt when moving out on my own for the first time. The long and complicated process of the camera and film matches the slow adjustment it took to feel any sort of comfort in my new home. In this series there is a mix of self portraits and landscapes shot in and around my apartment. You can see my home environment change around me through the change of appearances and in decor. While in contrast the world around me is shot in a still and deadpan style to portray the emotionless attachment I felt in my new city.