Throwback Challenge

Background I have been doing photography for roughly ten years now. I have been doing it but not very well.. So after a deep trip down photoshoot memory lane with my photography/videography friend Gabby Mcgarry. This challenge was born. We each picked seven cringe worthy photos from our past and had to create shoots inspired by them. Theses were all taken in like 2010/2013 so much improvement and education has happened over the years (thank god). After digging deep through private facebook albums and we selected our seven. After that long process we moved on to the shoot direction. For each individual photo we made a corresponding Pinterest board, which I turned into quick little mood board images. All can be see below!

Over the next few weeks Gabby and I will start scheduling and creating our reshoots with a couple rules in mind. At least one element from the old image must be repeated in the new, if it was a self portrait it must remain a self portrait, and to get creative/have fun with it. With those parameters in mind let’s just say we are both pumped to get started.

(none of the inspiration images are our own and were found on pinterest)

(also thank you to all the original models in these photos you trusted us and for that we are grateful)

The Advanced Selfie Challenge

I have mentioned this photographer previously in my blog when it comes to the advanced selfie. I subscribed to Sorelle Amore a few months ago. She is a high energy creative travel photographer who is passionate about her career. She is always pushing her own boundaries to grow and achieve all her dreams and goals. You can see some of her videos down below! If you get sucked into watching I hope you come back!

You all know I have been running low on creative energy and I thought a challenge would help me get my art gears turning again. So I have made myself an advanced selfie challenge. I am familiar with self portraiture but I have always stayed in a safe zone in fear of others opinions or the discomfort of public attention. I am going to try this self made challenge for 30 days.

So here are my rules:

  1. 6/7 photos must be taken outside of my apartment. I am giving myself one day to shoot in the my home just in case of weather or the strike of a good idea

  2. Must do a self portrait shoot once a day with a weekly blog post of them all even if they are failures.

  3. I must go out and do the shooting on my own, no other people to make feel less strange. (its time to be confident in my shooting and in myself)

  4. Try something different with each shoot. Since I am going to be using a tripod or near by props it can be easy to lock into one angle. I have to push myself to do something new and creative with each daily shot even if it fails.

    5. Have fun with it!

If you want to join me in my challenge tag me and let me know it goes for you!

Photoshoot with Michelle

This is what happens when your best friend asks you to be her content creator for the day and you drag your 10 pound camera with you everywhere you go. Michelle is such a beautiful woman inside and out and with it being the month of woman (ya you read that right google it its a thing) I am so happy to feature her and her amazing face on the blog. Since we have opposite styles we have another post in the works comparing editing techniques.