The Advanced Selfie Challenge

I have mentioned this photographer previously in my blog when it comes to the advanced selfie. I subscribed to Sorelle Amore a few months ago. She is a high energy creative travel photographer who is passionate about her career. She is always pushing her own boundaries to grow and achieve all her dreams and goals. You can see some of her videos down below! If you get sucked into watching I hope you come back!

You all know I have been running low on creative energy and I thought a challenge would help me get my art gears turning again. So I have made myself an advanced selfie challenge. I am familiar with self portraiture but I have always stayed in a safe zone in fear of others opinions or the discomfort of public attention. I am going to try this self made challenge for 30 days.

So here are my rules:

  1. 6/7 photos must be taken outside of my apartment. I am giving myself one day to shoot in the my home just in case of weather or the strike of a good idea

  2. Must do a self portrait shoot once a day with a weekly blog post of them all even if they are failures.

  3. I must go out and do the shooting on my own, no other people to make feel less strange. (its time to be confident in my shooting and in myself)

  4. Try something different with each shoot. Since I am going to be using a tripod or near by props it can be easy to lock into one angle. I have to push myself to do something new and creative with each daily shot even if it fails.

    5. Have fun with it!

If you want to join me in my challenge tag me and let me know it goes for you!

Claire's Grad Photos

Hello everyone meet Claire! I finished going through these images in just a day I was so happy with how they turned out. I am always so happy when seniors book with me. They always bring their own style and perspective to their shoot! Below you can see some of my favorites from Claire’s session, hope you love them as much as I do!

What's in my camera bag?

Am I really about to make one of these cliche photographer posts about ‘what’s in my camera bag’… yes i am! Because why not, I like reading other people’s ‘what’s in my bag’ posts so I am doing my own. If you aren’t curious what I am carrying around everywhere to shoots and use on a daily basis move on. I have other posts that might tickle your fancy.


First off let’s talk about the bag itself. Shout out to my lovely sister for the best grad present the Wandrd Prvke Its the best camera bag I have ever used I am have gone through different styles of bags and by far this one is my favorite. I should have know I have always been a backpack kinda of gal. What attracted it to me instantly was the side pocket where I can easily grab my camera without having to take the entire bag off.






Camera Bodies:

Canon 70d

Canon Mark IV


five memory cards

battery charger

three canon batteries

memory card reader

three external hard drives


tripod mount

(not pictured) gingermints

business cards

Not a long list but I only carry the essentials. To be honest sometimes I don’t have all three hard drives or I have my macbook. This bag lets me carry all things I need and more. On big shoot days I have my hydro flask and some kind of snack but you get the gist.