Why I love plants

If you follow me on instagram or know me in real life you know I have what most people would call an obsession with plants. I wouldn’t call it obsession but just a deep unwavering love. It all started with a 4 inch Euphorbia my boyfriend gave to me. After that I couldn’t stop I wanted all sizes and varieties. Here are the top five reasons I love plants and why you should have them to:)

  1. Plants Are Good For You


GOOGLE IT! There are so many articles on the benefits of houseplants from NBC news to Psychology Today to NASA. Research has proved that plants are good for your health. They are proven to help with stress levels, boosting your mood, and helping improve concentration. Making them the perfect addition to your home or workspace. See why I started to fall in love they have other benefits then just looking pretty.

2. I Grew Up Outdoors

Hello 2009 Kylie its been awhile. Growing up in Normandy, Tennessee was an interesting childhood. The only two things we lived next to were a cow farm and thick woods that lead to a lake. I learned very quickly how to make my own fun outside by hiking, swimming in the pond or creek, riding four wheelers, and fishing. That’s where it all began after that outside became the place where I clear my head, go to think, or just relax. Since I don’t have the same lush natural surrounds that I used to. I turned the homes I live into indoor jungles. It is a nostalgic feeling when I turn on a ceiling fan and here the leaves rustle. Plants make me feel like I am at home.


3. They Make The Perfect Backdrop


See image to the left. I mean do I really need to say more? Those big leafy greens (that you don’t have to eat) are a stunning addition to any photo. I love a little peek of green in all my photos. It brings a bit of warmth and life.

4. They Are A Perfect Gift

Like I said in my intro my first plant was a gift to me. It started out four inches tall and now as you can see in the photo to your left its pretty massive. Now every time I take care of this gorgeous euphorbia I think of the amazing person who gave it to me. I actually give plants often as gifts for my friends. It is a great living gift that adds life to their space and they can watch it grow over time.

5. They Are My Favorite Type of Home Decor

apartment -1.JPG

This reason is all about the aesthetics. I love the look of plants in a home. They bring it such great color and create amazing shapes. Like my trailing pothos it elevates my hanging chair to appear more thought and cozy. I love the different looks and different pots you can place them in. You can create an amazing style and homey feel to any space.