Photoshoot with Michelle

This is what happens when your best friend asks you to be her content creator for the day and you drag your 10 pound camera with you everywhere you go. Michelle is such a beautiful woman inside and out and with it being the month of woman (ya you read that right google it its a thing) I am so happy to feature her and her amazing face on the blog. Since we have opposite styles we have another post in the works comparing editing techniques.

Explore your city

Spent the day driving around Denton looking for new photo locations, found a few new spots that I want to shoot at soon. We drove around taking random rights and lefts attempting to get lost within the town we live in. Take advantage of the your town and explore it completely, look at all of its unique houses, businesses, and landscapes. Especially while you are in college and that town is just a temporary spot. Denton has so much character go explore it.