I too often let me head over flow with thoughts and worries

Stuck in my head I am forced to focus on the most basic instincts, breathing

In and out I remind myself till the panic subsides and my body relaxes

A meditative and natural process that eases my mind and keeps me alive

Breathe, embroidery on archival inkjet print

Breathe, embroidery on archival inkjet print

Detail of Breathe, embroidery on archival inkjet print

Detail of Breathe, embroidery on archival inkjet print

Artist Block pt.2

If you are a frequent visitor of my blog you know that i wrote a blog post all about my struggle with artist block. As promised in that post I am giving an update.

So far the one I have tried that is working pretty well for me is I have been experimenting with watercolor again.

11: Explore other creative disciplines
Inspiration can come from anywhere. Look beyond other illustrators and designers: photography, typography, fashion, film, packaging and signage, for instance.

If you didn’t know me in college which most of you didn’t the one required class that I was putting off until my last year out of straight fear was painting. You could either take painting I or watercolor I. Since i was turned off by the idea of learning to make my own frames I picked watercolor. I was no master and realized this is not an easy medium as I originally assumed it was.

Even though it was difficult I did find coming into the studio in between classes or at night to finish the little details relaxing. There was something nice about the waiting. Each layer has to be completely dry before you can move on to the next. I also became obsessed with the palette itself. Each one as unique as the painting I was attempting at making.

I mean come on look how beautiful they are I honestly should have just taken high quality photos and called it a day… HELLO new project!

The work I am making now on my tiny desk is a little different then what I made in school. I dabbled in abstraction which you can see in the third photo below but even then I had to take a photo first to get the actual inspiration to create it.

The two pieces I have created over the last week are small abstract self portraits. One I entitled Homesick and the other is still untitled. Both in my eyes reflect me and how I am currently feeling. It’s foreign to me to have a blank canvas and no resource imagery but I think it’s lushing me to expand my creative mind and tool belt. I am bravely adding the images of my two new pieces below. I am excited to progress and make something I genuinely like in the future.

Homesick, 2019

Homesick, 2019

Untitled, 2019

Untitled, 2019


I have exciting news!!

Gifted, a local store here in Fort Worth, is going to be displaying/hopefully selling my fabric prints. These prints are from a series called Memorial which you can see right H E R E


I love this series and I can’t wait to share it with Fort Worth. To accompany each piece I handmade wooden magnetic print holders so that they can easily go from store to wall.