Photoshoot with Michelle

This is what happens when your best friend asks you to be her content creator for the day and you drag your 10 pound camera with you everywhere you go. Michelle is such a beautiful woman inside and out and with it being the month of woman (ya you read that right google it its a thing) I am so happy to feature her and her amazing face on the blog. Since we have opposite styles we have another post in the works comparing editing techniques.

Ohio Mini Shoot

Had the opportunity to a mini shoot with my sister Kelsie (with a few of Toby are pup thrown in there). We waited patiently in hopes of snow and that night we got four inches. SO the next day we braced the 0 degree weather and got these awesome shots. Hope you like the photos (because I do)

Collaborative shoot with Maia

Maia reached out to be a couple of weeks ago to collaborate on a new shoot, and I loved the results. Very much inspired by the blue tones in the sky. Maia made the shoot easy by always moving never staying in one pose for extended periods. It was hard to narrow down to just these photos. I hope you like them Here is a link to Maia's blog and Instagram.