sooo...I graduated this in May but since February I have been working in Fort Worth with The Greenhouse 817, which has been basically my dream job. I was always told throughout my college career that the goal of graduating with an art degree is to get a day job and make art when you can. I was thinking I would be miserable everyday living with 9 roommates and making art no one would ever see. Instead, the reality of my situation is that I found a job I actually enjoy going to work to. I am surrounded constantly by beauty and plants. I started managing TGH 817 social media, marketing, and website since I started working and it has been a blast. Every day I am pushing myself to create something just as amazing Deryk's (my boss) designs. Since I have started the Instagram has 2,000 ish followers and we are still growing. If you want to see what I am doing all that time follow that Instagram! LINK RIGHT HERE  below is a little preview of what you'll find.

Finding a job was the easy part. Finding a place to live has been a difficult situation but I think I  finally (as of the morning) found a place. I am getting pretty tired of driving back and forth from Denton to Fort Worth. More updates to come! I am going to try to get a little more consistent with blogging.

Photo Improvement

I started taking photos when I was in middle school so like eight years ago. 8 years + two years of high school dark + a (almost) bachelors degree in photography made me eager to look back and see my improvement

So I opened up my hard drives to find some major cringe-worthy photos, but you have to start somewhere. 

like I said very cringe-worthy photos. No wonder only my mom liked my photography (thanks, mom).

Now to torture myself further, I am going to do some lovely comparisons of my portraits.

On the left, we have my early work, and obviously on the right is some of my recent photographs. I am roughly matching them by pose, they aren't direct matches, but you get the idea.

...wow that amazing color select editing skills 

if you couldn't tell at one point I used picnic to edit my photos

check out that annoying watermark that used to be on every single one of my photos 

Mom and Dad -look art school was a good idea after all, look at all that improvement! 

Also a HUGE shout out to all the people who were willing to model for me back then.