Something a little different but came requested so here we go 


About a year or so ago I was in school exhausted, always hungry, gaining weight, and absolutely miserable. Turns out after some blood work I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. If you are not familiar with the condition basically my thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormones. Since the thyroid runs the metabolism of the body mine began to slow down. So at 21 I could not go a day without multiple naps. I could eat a full meal then 30 mins later feel hungry again and of course the fun little symptom of being depressed. After getting on Synthroid my symptoms went away and I focused more on my health, I no longer wanted to take it for granted. I had never felt so toned and just overall good. Well when I graduated I lost focus…



Flash forward to today and I am refocusing on that mission again. I am eating five times a day which is harder than it sounds. I tend to get busy and not plan ahead so now I am planning an entires day worth of meals so that I do not have to turn to unhealthy options. It’s amazing what dedicating a little extra time in the morning can do. I also am trying to limit the amount of junk food I buy in general. No more chips and ice cream but fresh fruit and salted nuts.

SIDE NOTE: in no way am I a dietician, nutritionist, health expert, or doctor. I am one individual stating what’s working for me…

Back to the goods

I also started to cook again. I love cooking it is like a secret passion of mine. I got in a rut of buying prepackaged meals or ordering from the amazing ubereats. By cooking my own meals I know what is going into my food and can control the portions.


I also am mixing up my proteins, I started adding in fish do get some omegas and variety. Each of my meals comes with a healthy dosing of veggies. Getting all my greens is essential.

Lastly I am working out again (woo) after a failed attempt at a gym membership and a home gym. I joined Classpass based on my sisters recommendation. I have started taking classes with Classpass for two months and I am lovin it. I can mix up my routine and fitness. I usually do a week mixed with yoga and pilates. When I am not using my fitness app I am trying to do activities that lean on the healthier side. Like the photos on this post My friend Gabby and I had a fun day taking a walk to a park then participating in some very public park yoga. It was great to be outside and push ourselves with headstands and flows. Also my furry friend is helping me tone up with very long walks since both can use them. Now that its finally warm we are enjoying three mile strolls in Trinity park here in Fort Worth.


I am in no way perfect, I am slowly getting back in shape and in the right healthy mindset again. Thank you all for reading to this point if you have any tips, suggestions, or comments let me know!

All the photos featured on this post were taken by my wonderful friend Gabby Mcgarry.