My Favorite Plant

Not only is this specimen my first plant but it is also my favorite. Yep I pick favorites amongst all my plant babies.

Here he is Franklin or more commonly called a Dragon Bones Euphorbia.

There are thousands of varieties of Euphorbias and it has taken me forever to nail down what this once little guy is. Below you can see him and some other now dead succulents I first owned.


Now this guy I got my junior year of high school as a gift from my amazing boyfriend, Mark, so about seven years ago. I graduated high school with this plant, moved to college, survived a car wreck, graduated college, and moved to Fort Worth. This plant has been along for the entire ride and some how survived.

It took him awhile to start growing but after that each summer he took off. I eventually had to start removing arms because he was becoming too top heavy. But the great thing about this plant is it is super easy to propagate. You simply use a sharp CLEAN knife remove the arm and let it stop bleeding. Yeah you heard that right it has to stop bleeding. Euphorbias are filled with a white liquid that burns the skin. You have to handle these babies with care to make sure you don’t get hurt. But once it is dry you can pop your arm in the dirt and it will start growing roots.