House plant Tour

Welcome home.. or at least that’s what I say to each new plant I buy.. I have acquired quite the collection of plants at this point. If there is a window there is a plant, and if there is money in my bank account it seems to disappear pretty quickly (sorry mom and dad).

plants in home-16.JPG
apartment -1.JPG

Since my little apartment is at a decorating place I actually enjoy I thought it was the perfect time to do a little blog post apartment/plant tour. So welcome in mi casa es su casa.


Starting off strong this is my little front door/ entry way section. Since I consider this room very very low light with just a single window it features some easy care and low light tolerant specimens.

The plant in the hanging basket is a golden pothos and probably the easiest plant to propagate. I have bottles everywhere filled with cuttings from the lengthy guy. Below him are two plants on stands from The Greenhouse 817. The tallest is a very large aloe vera (who needs to be repotted) and the one below that is a sansevieria again from The Greenhouse 817. The plant all the way at the bottom is another little aloe vera and just to be repetitive I also go this little guy from The Greenhouse 817.


Another one window room lined with plants. In here I dedicate it to all my trouble makers and cuttings. What I mean by trouble makers is I have had that palm on the far right for three years and it has tried to die on me about 30 times. Right now in this window and in this pot he seems to be happy (fingers crossed). I try to collect or recycle cool glass bottles I find and use them for water propagating. The smaller little glass container was actually a yogurt jar. I couldn’t throw the thing away so now its my jar for rooting a sansevieria.

Other then the small plants the other plants in my kitchen are a huge mass cane and rubber tree. Both in terracotta the two big guys are framed by some hanging plants. Both the hangers I got from urban outfitters they are so cute (I actually just got two more to put in my bedroom).

plants in home-13.JPG
monday morning-1.JPG


Last but not least my favorite place in the apartment. It wasn’t my smartest decision to purchase a light comforter with a dog who loves to sleep, but you know I am here for the aesthetics. Another reason this is my fav place, it has the most windows. With majority of them facing east, I am drenched in morning light. It’s a very warm and cozy place and this was definitely the vibe I was going for.

It would take me forever to list out the different plants and containers in this room so all are pictured below. Hope you love it as much as I do!