Deryk + Jospeh


This summer pushed me out of my comfort zone in many ways, this shoot being one of them. Since moving to Fort Worth and starting my job at Greenhouse 817, I have been lucky to become friends with my boss, Deryk Poynor. So when she called me up and told me the news of her engagement and up coming elopement, I immediately offered to shoot her ceremony. From her flowers to her Gucci shoes, this day was completely them.  Her bouquet was handmade by her from flowers and greenery she picked in her backyard. Not a dry eye was in that courthouse (including me) when the two got married. Not only is the first wedding I have shot but also this is the first wedding I have been a guest of that I am actually old enough to remember. 


I have loved getting to know both Derky and Joesph this summer and their love is so evident when they are together. The way they make each other smile and laugh in person (and on Facetime) which is something everyone wants and hopes for in their own relationship.  Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your special day and I can not wait to start shooting more elopements and weddings.