New Year's Resolutions

This will be my first time ever to sit down and write me new years resolutions. Putting them in my blog I hope will hold me to them!


Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera

This used to be so easy for me, but then I had issues with my thyroid which caused a lot of issues with my own confidence. I used to be good in front of the camera but now I clench up and don't know how to act. Getting that cofidence back is something I am really going to try to work on in 2018


Hike and Exercise More Often

This is something I did in 2017 and something I need to continue for 2018. I want to be healthy and feel healthy. Since a lot of my jobs involve a lot of sitting and being inside its so easy to get in a rut. 2018 will be my hiking year I can feel it.


Enjoy Watercolor

After taking a watercolor class this semester I realized how much I enjoy it! In 2018 I want to start either intergrating watercolor in to my photographic work or paint more for myself and friends.


Shoot More Film and Video

In 2017 I started anther Instagram account called @Lensonfriends or Friends on Film. It showcases the people in my life and all the things we do. Now in 2018, I want that to grow. I want to try to keep a film camera on me at all times to get more images of the amazing people in my life. Also this last semester I took photo on the web a course focused on the internet and video. I need to figure out exactly where video fits in my photographic process in 2018 . 


Collaborate with More Artists

Whether its working with someones idea or working with brands I want to be more open to working and learning together in 2018!