Advanced Selfie Challenge: Week Three

Week three might have been the longest because I skipped a lot of days... I love this challenge for a lot of reasons and one of them being it taught me not to be so hard on myself. So when days were to busy or I honestly just needed to take some time for myself and not my camera I am going to do that. Thats the freedom of creating your own rules you can break them!

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Advanced Selfie Challenge: Week Two

Week two is done and I can feel the end is near (sorta). Scheduling this in to my daily activities is becoming a little easier. Shout out to everyone who has been so kind and supportive to me! It makes it even better knowing people have their favorites days and photos. This challenge is really helping me kick my art block to the curve. I am starting to get images in my head again.. that may sound strange but that is part of my process. I can see the photo I want to take in my head and until that photo is achieved I can’t let the image go. (speaking of which there is an image I want to get with my 24mm I don’t think I have the wide angle touch because every-time I attempt its a flop)

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Day Fourteen

Cutting Down on Waste

My last art serious focused on environmental conservation. After I completed it I began to ask myself the question what am I doing, other then making art about the issue, to help better protect and conserve the natural world. Since then I started making small adjustments in my life and purchases to cut down on waste and the over use of plastic.

The first change I made, which this might me TMI, was switching from tampons to a Diva Cup, a reusable silicone menstrual cup. Instead of consistently buying tampons I now use this reusable product. Honestly I love it so much. For one it saves me money but also there is less leakage and I don’t have to worry about changing it as frequently. Now I am done talking about periods if you are sensitive to the topic well.. maybe read a different blog…

Second another bathroom change was switching to package less shampoo and conditioner. By the suggestion of Sorelle Amore, she has a YouTube video on the topic (you can find it right here), I tried Lush’s shampoo bar and hair conditioner. I am a huge fan of having clean hair. When my hair feels oilly or dirty I end up putting it up and I feel off my game. So after googling how to use the product I had my first shower with my packagless products. Honestly It super easy and great smelling. After rubbing the bar a few times over my hair my entire head was sudsy and clean. Next for the conditioner this didn’t have the same satisfying effect but left my soap soft and smelling amazing.

Third, switching to reusable grocery bags and water bottles. This is the easiest one to do. Again it cuts down on cost so that you no longer have to buy plastic water bottles if you are one of those guys, I am looking at you Mark. When it comes to reusable bags they are stronger and less likely to break mid trip to your apartment door. You know that trip where you literally try to carry everything in one trip, ya that one. My reusable bags have stronger handles and are honestly pretty cute. Most bags you get for free or when you shop at Urban Outfitters can be turned into a reusable grocery bag.

I hope this gives you some suggestions on some changes you can make. I know it’s not a lot but it’s better than nothing. I am going to do more research and find some other changes I can make and I hope you do the same. Also if you have any suggestions for me leave them in the comments below!

**UPDATE 5/4/19

I Switched from a plastic toothbrush to one made of bamboo!