Fresh Self Portraits

As you can see from my work I occasionally model for my own photos. You can call it a self portrait, a selfie, or an advanced selfie if you will. If you follow Sorelle Amore she invented the term Advanced Selfie and has an amazing series on youtube about her life and work. You should all check it out L I N K. Anyway I digress.. back to the goods with spring just around the corner it was time for my legs to see the light and break out the shorts and a dress. It was nice to get back in front of the camera and try out some new ideas.

Spring Things

In all honesty I hate shopping in person. I don’t like the process or digging through options to find what I am looking for. Online shopping is my jam. I can search for what I want in the size, color, or material I need without talking to a single person. Am I antisocial or just lazy you decide? Anyway lets get to the goods..

  1. 12th Tribe Lone Ranger Army Green Blazer


    I love this blazer its so soft and comfy. I love it cause it can easily dress up a tshirt and jeans with minimal effort. This beauty is linked above but you can also use TRIBEKY at checkout for a little discount!


2. Sonkir Soil pH Meter


Would it really be a Kylie blog post without the mention of plants. I got this little $9.49 tool on amazon and as soon as I got I spent an hour poking all my plants checking their moisture level. This guy is create if you are a little clueless about plant moisture but also if you hate sticking your fingers in the dirt. I got it to help me with plants I have covered in rocks, especially my cacti. I honestly have nightmares of overwatering Franklin, my huge euphorbia, and it dieing of root rot.


3. Top Knot Goods Be Kind To Woman Kind


Not only is the shirt super comfy but is also fits in with the theme of march! Woman’s month wooo! I discovered this female owned business awhile back and it made my throwback lovin’ heart swoon.

This lovely photo was taken by:Gabby Mcgarry

I have another little discount code for ya: KYLIEDELANE


4. Urban Outfitters Lou Collared Mini Shirt Dress


I am so happy about this pick. I am in love with the color and the shape. It is very comfortable!! No discount code on this guy but it is on sale. Perfect for spring!


5. Top Knot Goods Leather backpack

I bought this a while back but just started using it, which means it is sold out and no longer available. But still I love it it is big enough for all my things including my camera but small enough that I enjoy caring it.


Photoshoot with Michelle

This is what happens when your best friend asks you to be her content creator for the day and you drag your 10 pound camera with you everywhere you go. Michelle is such a beautiful woman inside and out and with it being the month of woman (ya you read that right google it its a thing) I am so happy to feature her and her amazing face on the blog. Since we have opposite styles we have another post in the works comparing editing techniques.

Artist Block

Usually I let the images in my blog posts speak for themselves and try not to ramble on forever. If you have read any of my other blog posts you know I am no writer but I do my best. This is why today’s post is kinda a stretch out of my comfort zone but I think it needs to be said. 

Graduating from the University of North Texas last May I had a very dream like idea about post college art making. Throughout my four years there coming up with conceptual based art did not take me long to figure out. I would dream up ideas overnight and sleepily text them to Mark (my boyfriend) or right them down in my art journal the next morning. I had so much I wanted to talk about and express in my art I figured when I graduated it would be the same. The last dream I had was not about a moving concept or imagery but instead business analytics of Pinterest. Yep you read that right what once were magical dreams of floating prints or seeing my hands sewing pieces of myself back together but now mundane day to day life events. Honestly my biggest worry graduating was lack of access to printers and a darkroom not a complete art block.

In all honesty there were times that I thought I had artist block but I now understand that was not the case. I understand artist block now better then ever. He is like a rude upstairs neighbor throwing parties every night leaving me pissed off, restless, and unsatisfied.

As much as I try to force by going to galleries, shooting pointless self portraits, exercising, and mindmapping. Nothing comes to together… Honestly its come to the point where something so natural feels forced.

My entire intention on writing this post is not to throw an internet pity party but to put a label on my personal struggle and get some internet accountability. So this is where I google How to beat artists block and try to do the suggestions and see if it works.

The below list comes from Creative Bloq and all are linked

Alright so suggestion one:

1: Tap into your unconscious
"Strange things happen in a semi-sleep state, when your unconscious takes over," says Shotopop's Casper Franken. "Wake up and write down whatever was happening before you forget it."

Starting off strong jk because like mentioned above this was my prior art idea maker but now its so boring even I can’t tell if they are dreams or reality. No more magic art making dreams going on in this head.

2: Get it down on paper
Write your main ideas down in columns, and list absolutely everything that comes to mind. You can mix and match the lists for unusual combinations.

Okay this might be a more applicable suggestion. I already keep about three notebooks with me at all times a work notebook, a work calendar, and a personal notebook. I feel a bit lost without them. Okay here is where the internet comes into hold me accountable I shall now at this point attempt at this new column list idea.

I am already planning on writing a little artist block update if any of these suggestions work so if you don’t see one in like lets say a month I still be struggling.

3: Always carry a sketchbook
Don't go looking for inspiration: "A visually loaded word or phrase can jump out from a passage of text, or a song," proposes Craig Ward. "Be sure to sketch those ideas down when they come."

..for me this is like the same idea as two…

4: Don't be afraid to step away
Completely open briefs can be the worst for causing creative block. Try to distance yourself from the project and come back to it with a clear head.

I think at this point I am as far as I can get

5: Finish what you've started
"There's no such thing as a bad idea: the creative part is in seeing it though to completion, and turning dreams into reality," argues Mills, creative director at ustwo.

okay so there is a tiny project I kinda started that its time to look back on in finish… so we shall see.. this is where if I could i would like but in some mystical music or something fancy so just imagine it in your head

6: Put some fun in your studio
"Sterility leads to an empty void of nothingness," says Mills. Always try to inject some colour and life into your studio, and don't run it like a clinic or a prison.

well since my “studio” is my little one bedroom apartment that is FILLED with plants I think I can put a big check by this one

7: Don't retread your steps
"Inspiration is intangible: you can't do it on purpose," believes illustrator Alex Trochut. "If you just try to reproduce how a good project happened in the past, you'll never get the same result."

well they really got me on this one..they were like hey kylie think you are so funny by saying you already do this stuff bam stop repeating a system that does not work.. lets keep going shall we

8: Expect the unexpected
"The best ideas don't need to be sought out at all; you just have to train yourself not to swerve out of the way when they jump out in front of you," remarks Jon Forss, co-founder of Non-Format.

Boy do I love this one I think so often I am trying to force it to happen or I see something and think that is not a mature art concept. I think its smart to not let any spark of inspiration go to waste and start pursuing it all.

9: Look in unlikely places
Go and do something else entirely. You'd be amazed at where new ideas are hiding out. They're often where you would least expect them to be.

I have thought about this a lot and I at one point had a brief love affair with watercolor. I think its time I re explore this avenue

10: Expand your mind
"It's like mushroom picking: you wander through the magical woods of inspiration and see a big, beautiful mushroom," are the surreal musings of Slovenian duo Kitsch-Nitsch. "Pick it, make a delicious meal, and if your friends like it, go into the woods for more."

11: Explore other creative disciplines
Inspiration can come from anywhere. Look beyond other illustrators and designers: photography, typography, fashion, film, packaging and signage, for instance.

LIke I said preciously I am going to dive back into watercolor lets see if it smarks anything creative.

12: Go against the flow
Try to approach every brief with the opposite of what everyone else would do. It might not be the direction you choose in the end, but it can help to avoid clichd scenarios.

Again not a bad suggestion just easier said then done. I think it is time I step back from my usual path and try something new

13: Grab some 'you time'
Working on too many projects at once can stifle your creativity. If you're feeling burned out, take some time to yourself and turn everything off for a couple of days.

THIS ONE IS HARD WHEN YOU WORK MULTIPLE JOBS. But I am actually doing my best to make this happen more often.

14: Take notes on life
"The best ideas often come when doing completely random, uncreative tasks," confesses Johanna Basford. Jot them down as they come to you, or snap a photo of things that catch your eye.

I use to have to write in a journal for an english class I took it might be helpful to start this up again.

I think this is a good start and a step in the right direction. Like I said earlier I am writing this all out for some accountability. I know I am not the only one struggling with this issue but hopefully you find some tips that will also help you out. I will post a update in a few weeks with how these tips worked or didn’t work for me.

Why I love plants

If you follow me on instagram or know me in real life you know I have what most people would call an obsession with plants. I wouldn’t call it obsession but just a deep unwavering love. It all started with a 4 inch Euphorbia my boyfriend gave to me. After that I couldn’t stop I wanted all sizes and varieties. Here are the top five reasons I love plants and why you should have them to:)

  1. Plants Are Good For You


GOOGLE IT! There are so many articles on the benefits of houseplants from NBC news to Psychology Today to NASA. Research has proved that plants are good for your health. They are proven to help with stress levels, boosting your mood, and helping improve concentration. Making them the perfect addition to your home or workspace. See why I started to fall in love they have other benefits then just looking pretty.

2. I Grew Up Outdoors

Hello 2009 Kylie its been awhile. Growing up in Normandy, Tennessee was an interesting childhood. The only two things we lived next to were a cow farm and thick woods that lead to a lake. I learned very quickly how to make my own fun outside by hiking, swimming in the pond or creek, riding four wheelers, and fishing. That’s where it all began after that outside became the place where I clear my head, go to think, or just relax. Since I don’t have the same lush natural surrounds that I used to. I turned the homes I live into indoor jungles. It is a nostalgic feeling when I turn on a ceiling fan and here the leaves rustle. Plants make me feel like I am at home.


3. They Make The Perfect Backdrop


See image to the left. I mean do I really need to say more? Those big leafy greens (that you don’t have to eat) are a stunning addition to any photo. I love a little peek of green in all my photos. It brings a bit of warmth and life.

4. They Are A Perfect Gift

Like I said in my intro my first plant was a gift to me. It started out four inches tall and now as you can see in the photo to your left its pretty massive. Now every time I take care of this gorgeous euphorbia I think of the amazing person who gave it to me. I actually give plants often as gifts for my friends. It is a great living gift that adds life to their space and they can watch it grow over time.

5. They Are My Favorite Type of Home Decor

apartment -1.JPG

This reason is all about the aesthetics. I love the look of plants in a home. They bring it such great color and create amazing shapes. Like my trailing pothos it elevates my hanging chair to appear more thought and cozy. I love the different looks and different pots you can place them in. You can create an amazing style and homey feel to any space.