Deryk + Jospeh


This summer pushed me out of my comfort zone in many ways, this shoot being one of them. Since moving to Fort Worth and starting my job at Greenhouse 817, I have been lucky to become friends with my boss, Deryk Poynor. So when she called me up and told me the news of her engagement and up coming elopement, I immediately offered to shoot her ceremony. From her flowers to her Gucci shoes, this day was completely them.  Her bouquet was handmade by her from flowers and greenery she picked in her backyard. Not a dry eye was in that courthouse (including me) when the two got married. Not only is the first wedding I have shot but also this is the first wedding I have been a guest of that I am actually old enough to remember. 


I have loved getting to know both Derky and Joesph this summer and their love is so evident when they are together. The way they make each other smile and laugh in person (and on Facetime) which is something everyone wants and hopes for in their own relationship.  Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your special day and I can not wait to start shooting more elopements and weddings. 

Friends on Film

You would think a person would stop after one Instagram but nope not me! I created Friends on Film or @lensonfriends awhile back. I needed a place to cherish my friends and my film photos. I have been shooting 35mm for so long now that to me it is second nature to snap pics on my 35mm. 


don't waste your film on me

Every time I would point my camera in my friends direction it would always be the same response "don't waste your film on me." As someone who has literally exposed an entire roll of film to get a couple extra days to finish a project I didn't understand. I wanted to sit there and take their photo wait a couple days.. or months to see how the image turned out I cherish that care and time it takes to get a film image. Who better to 'waste' my film on then people I hold special in my life. 


the creation of friends on film

Friends on the film started as a twitter thread of me adding to it any time a new role was developed. I fell in love with waiting for the next few posts and seeing the smiles on my friend's faces when I would show them the film images from months back. Reminding them exactly of what we have been up to and all the good times we have had. It kinda became like a vault of film memories. After having lost the thread and creating over again Haley, a frequent feature, suggested to me to create an Instagram dedicated to this concept. I am not new to this concept because there are about a thousand Instagrams with variations on the line friends on film. So I switched it up and took the handle @lensonfriends I think it still works for the concept I have it mind. Just know if you pop up on my gram you are loved and you are valuable in my eyes and amazing enough  to be put on film


sooo...I graduated this in May but since February I have been working in Fort Worth with The Greenhouse 817, which has been basically my dream job. I was always told throughout my college career that the goal of graduating with an art degree is to get a day job and make art when you can. I was thinking I would be miserable everyday living with 9 roommates and making art no one would ever see. Instead, the reality of my situation is that I found a job I actually enjoy going to work to. I am surrounded constantly by beauty and plants. I started managing TGH 817 social media, marketing, and website since I started working and it has been a blast. Every day I am pushing myself to create something just as amazing Deryk's (my boss) designs. Since I have started the Instagram has 2,000 ish followers and we are still growing. If you want to see what I am doing all that time follow that Instagram! LINK RIGHT HERE  below is a little preview of what you'll find.

Finding a job was the easy part. Finding a place to live has been a difficult situation but I think I  finally (as of the morning) found a place. I am getting pretty tired of driving back and forth from Denton to Fort Worth. More updates to come! I am going to try to get a little more consistent with blogging.