Life Update

Amazing gif of Toby made by the talented Michelle Hinojosa

Amazing gif of Toby made by the talented Michelle Hinojosa

It’s that time a year again where to do tasks overtake my time and leave me with no extra energy to create, write, and publish blog posts. In spirit of getting my life organized and back on track, I am sitting here at the Honda Dealership in Fort Worth getting my car fixed (the current number one on my long list of to dos) writing this brief little update for the few of you who venture to this section of my website.

Where to begin.. well my freelancing career is really picking up making my days off my freelance days. I have been working with some local bloggers doing content shoots, which is helping me explore Fort Worth further. I will be posting some of my favorites from those shoots soon. I also recently did a retail shoot for a company in Oklahoma. You can see a picture from that down below!

Stash Goods, Oklahoma

Stash Goods, Oklahoma

I have been working with an amazing new company for photographers called The Hub, making it easier and safer for me to book freelance gigs with some pretty awesome customers. That is actually how I got the gig in Oklahoma. My next job from The Hub is coming up and I am so tempted to share but for now, I am going to keep the details to myself.

Enough about work lets talk about my personal life for a little bit. Toby and I are pretty inseparable at this point meaning anytime I go out I make sure he gets to join. The little guy is a social butterfly! He has been having a blast going to dog parks, bars (sorry mom), and of course any store that will let him in. He recently got his own Instagram so that I am not only posting his face 24/7 on my own.

Another big change I MOVED! I am now in a new one-bedroom apartment with a washer and dryer. Basically that was the one thing I needed to convince me to move. I am loving the new space and the new patio that all my heat-loving plants can enjoy (aka Franklin)

That’s all for now! Hopefully, I can get back into a consistent routine of blogging shoots, life, and everything in between.

G&J Wedding Weekend Film

My childhood best friend got married this past weekend in TN, not only did I shoot digital photos the entire weekend but went through about three rolls of ilford black and white film. It truly was an amazing weekend filled with family, friends, and love. Hope you enjoy this peek into my weekend back home!

Throwback Challenge results

Well, Gabby and I are sticking to our word - below you can see our first three attempts at recreating our worst shots. I think I speak for us both when I say we needed this challenge. I have been struggling with creative ruts (read more about these struggles in my blog and it turns out Gabby has been dealing with a very similar issue. We started the challenge process together by using each other as models for our first photos - we were able to talk through the creative ideas and truly understand what the other was envisioning. We are both proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and would love to hear creative thoughts, suggestions and ideas from YOU - leave a note for us below!

Even though we are only half-way there we are already thinking of ways to keep the creative flow going!