Throwback Challenge

Background I have been doing photography for roughly ten years now. I have been doing it but not very well.. So after a deep trip down photoshoot memory lane with my photography/videography friend Gabby Mcgarry. This challenge was born. We each picked seven cringe worthy photos from our past and had to create shoots inspired by them. Theses were all taken in like 2010/2013 so much improvement and education has happened over the years (thank god). After digging deep through private facebook albums and we selected our seven. After that long process we moved on to the shoot direction. For each individual photo we made a corresponding Pinterest board, which I turned into quick little mood board images. All can be see below!

Over the next few weeks Gabby and I will start scheduling and creating our reshoots with a couple rules in mind. At least one element from the old image must be repeated in the new, if it was a self portrait it must remain a self portrait, and to get creative/have fun with it. With those parameters in mind let’s just say we are both pumped to get started.

(none of the inspiration images are our own and were found on pinterest)

(also thank you to all the original models in these photos you trusted us and for that we are grateful)


I too often let me head over flow with thoughts and worries

Stuck in my head I am forced to focus on the most basic instincts, breathing

In and out I remind myself till the panic subsides and my body relaxes

A meditative and natural process that eases my mind and keeps me alive

Breathe, embroidery on archival inkjet print

Breathe, embroidery on archival inkjet print

Detail of Breathe, embroidery on archival inkjet print

Detail of Breathe, embroidery on archival inkjet print

Little Picture

This series focus on how many people ignore the little details of the grand landscape. How all of the parts that make of the elaborate panorama are often and ignored and under appreciated. We stand at the grand view taking it all in and its majesty that we forget to slow down and also take in the smaller parts that created it all. This piece takes one of the little details found amongst what is often focused on and makes it the focused subject matter. One is not better than the other but equal in value and importance.