People buy flowers to brighten a room or event to show affection to others. My chosen typography was flowers. Each flower is know to have a specific and special meaning. In my shoot I wanted to focus on the flowers and and the simplicity of them, and also to give awareness to the meaning of these simple objects that sometimes get over looked. I used a white liquid to let them rest in to create a distinct contrast among the leaves, stems, and colorful pedals of the flowers. I used a deep pan to and filled it with a mixture of milk and water. I used the natural light of a window to give the perfect glow to the flowers and the liquid.

The first flower is a daffodil. This spring time flower symbolizes beginning anew and leaving the past behind. Its also about being happy to be alive. Next is a Vintage Hydrangea is about taking control of your own destiny. The third is a tulip, they are a symbol of love, and doing anything for love. Fourth is a daisy, which carries the meaning of happiness, and having a positive outlook on life. It has also been know to be the typical flower for which people use for the saying “ he loves me… he loves me not”. Next is Blue delphinium orchid, has the meaning of infinite possibilities. Also giving this flower is a sign of believing in someones chances and possibilities of success. Sixth is a snapdragon, are believed to be a symbol of magic because of their hidden pockets. They are also supposed to mean abundance. Seventh is a forsythia is a know to be the first sign of spring. Next is a rose which symbolizes love and passion. The rose is also know to be associated with the Aphrodite and Venus. Which is also why this color rose is called a lovers rose. Next a chose a red sunflower they turn their heads to towards the sunned also been know to related to the sun god. They also symbolize adoration. Tenth is a carnation their names is to believed to come from the word coronation because of its use in ceremonial crowns. They are used to wish someone luck. Next is the lilli they symbolize chastity and virtue. Last is babies breath which is commonly understated symbolizes a pure heart, innocence and the breath of the holy spirit.