The Greenhouse 817

I came on to The Greenhouse 817 team to work as a photographer and social media manager. Their feed went from occasional iphone photos to consistent posting and high quality images. We also worked on creating a new portfolios and mood boards to show potential clients examples of the amazing work The Greenhouse 817 team produces. Below you can find examples of my photography at the greenhouse but also the Instagram transformation.

I shot a variety of products and events to capture their delicate work and designs. While working with their team we have worked with variety of clients such as Nike Women and ESPN. We also collaborate with Dallas area brides to bring their dreams to reality on their big day. My work has been used to show clients the potentials of Greenhouse 817 and the intricate design work they can accomplish.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 3.23.34 PM.png


When meeting with the owner we went through previous posts and concepts that made up her social media, website, and marketing. She wanted to stick with a dark mood with dramatic lighting that highlighted her plants and arrangements.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 3.23.58 PM.png


Using their desired aesthetic I created a new look that could highlight her pieces without being a completely all black feed. Allowing the plants and her work to be the highlight each photo fits together without becoming boring. When I started in February of 2018 their Instagram had around 5,000 followers, now the current count as of early November 2018 is 8,653. That is a 73% increase in eight months, and their account continues to show growth daily.

Joan Winter Studio


Joan Winter is a studio artist in Dallas, Tx. I was brought on to take over all her digital media and marketing. One of the first tasks I took was updating her website with the correct media and information. The second was starting Winter an Instagram account to take advantage of its free marketing platform. On her page I highlight past work, her studio, and current work in progress images. This has allowed her to become better connected with galleries and potential clients. Above you can see some of examples of my photographic work that we used on her Instagram as well as a video I put together highlighting her work in the studio.

Dwell Coffee & Biscuits

Dwell reached out to me to shoot content for the social media, promotions, and website. While I was there I shot a multitude of drinks, products, and biscuits aimed in a style that would coexist well with their other content and style. Below are a variety of images from that shoot.


Qulture is a apparel company based in Miami, Florida that strives to create modern, minimalistic designs that can be worn by anyone. I came on to a product shoot with their team that highlighted their tropical environment and the women behind the brand. I worked closely with the creator to style interesting shots that could be used on both their Instagram and website. Below you can see some of the final images.