Photoshoot with Michelle

This is what happens when your best friend asks you to be her content creator for the day and you drag your 10 pound camera with you everywhere you go. Michelle is such a beautiful woman inside and out and with it being the month of woman (ya you read that right google it its a thing) I am so happy to feature her and her amazing face on the blog. Since we have opposite styles we have another post in the works comparing editing techniques.

Skydiving Proposal

Probably my favorite photography/video shoot of 2018. When Micah told me his proposal plan I knew I wanted to be involved. I Immediately booked my plane ticket and flew to Tennessee. The first step in this epic weekend was accompanying him on the journey of buying the ring. Below you can see the styled shots of this gorgeous custom ring.

I styled the ring with some greenery sunflowers, her favorite flower, and had written notes from Micah to Sami. I used natural lighting to show off the rings best qualities. Next on our list of things to do was set up our plan. Micah had a whole day worth of activities for him and his soon to be fiance. To get shots throughout the day I went along and photographed/videoed their day getting a behind the scenes look at the day of the proposal. Below you can see some of the shots from their hiking trip!

Next up on this elaborate proposal was surprising her with skydiving. At the bottom was a sign saying “Sami will you marry me?” Both of the families and I were waiting at the bottom to see the final moment. I was able to capture the entire memorable event. Again below you can see the photos and last but not least the video from the entire weekend. Hope you love it as much as I do!

Creative Day pt.3

Okay, this is the last blog post from the shoot we did this day again with Racheal and  Ari (once again click those names to see what they are up too).

Same old same is going on in my life school, work, and driving (/calling my mom).

I am ready to have another free day where I can collaborate with more of my friends to create amazing work. Trust me we have a few ideas in the works that are guaranteed to be amazing.



Creative Day

Sundays are pretty much my only free day at the moment so instead of spending all day catching up on Netflix. I am trying to do different photo shoots that give me the chance to experiment with my creativity.

Thank you to all my friends who are always willing to help me and who are also willing to get in front of the camera for me. 

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more to come;)


Awhile back I did a fun shoot with my best friend Michelle. We used a gold party backdrop in my backyard and created some 15 min magic. Hope you like my golden babe.